2017 P2P Bowling Tournament with Special Surfers

Special Surfers teams up with Hopsie's Peer to Peer Fundraisers to provide a chance of a lifetime for special needs children and young adults.

Alex Morse, CEO Avatar Alex Morse, CEO
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Bringing a little ‘Etsy’ to NonProfit

EdCorps is a project started by Real World Scholars in 2013. RWS supports educators looking to bring innovation and entrepreneurial thinking into the classroom, because entrepreneurship can bring the learning process to life. They work with teachers who use entrepreneurship to engage students in core curriculum while empowering…

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Accept PayPal Donations

Hopsie now supports PayPal via Express Checkout as a donation option. It’s important to give your donors different donation options in order to maximize your conversion rate. Hopsie now supports, Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH Bank Transfers, and PayPal.

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Best Practices for P2P Fundraising

Peer to peer fundraising empowers volunteers to lead outreach within their own communities, which to date is the best way to grow an online giving base. In general, >50% of the donors to peer to peer campaigns will be new to your cause. Here are some best practices…

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25 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Here are 25 unique ways to get involved fundraising this year! #2017GOALS 1. Be Fit to Fundraise Organize a wellness initiative including get fit campaigns with healthy eating plans and exercise regimes. Fundraiser money can comes from many areas such as sign up fees or goal setting on…

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9 Off Season Fundraising Ideas

Almost all non profits know that from Thanksgiving to the New Year is when the majority of giving occurs. Here are some ideas to help incentivize gifts beyond the holiday season. Throw an outdoor party. We sure may miss the holiday season but the beautiful weather up ahead…

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Thanking Donors Effectively

Do you remember the last time someone thanked you genuinely? Sincere gratitude translates differently than the automated, rehearsed thank-you’s we so often exchange in conventional conversation: after a purchase, when someone holds the door etc. …“‘Preciate it”. A mumbled “Thanks”. A hurried “Thank you”. Recognizing that our social…

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