v1.3.1 – Donor Infrastructure Changes, Sign Up Workflow for New Users

By: Ben Blodgett, CTO on April 6, 2017

Today we’re shipping a critical update to solve issues related to the Donor login. We’ve had increased bug reports around rejected donor registration for donor’s who have accounts with other nonprofits on the platform. This change will change our validations to only reference donors that are assigned to the nonprofit user account, and not against the whole platform. Beyond this change, we’ve also added a first version of our sign up workflow for new nonprofit users. While this is a small first step in making registration “self-service”, it is laying some critical framework that will allow for a rich sign up ux that is coming soon. Finally, we added a new event that email templates can be associated with called Post.completed. This is a manual trigger that fundraisers and nonprofits can use to distribute updates to their donors via the Post feature.


  • Added sign up workflow for new nonprofit users
  • Added support for Post.completed
  • Infrastructure change for the Donor database
  • Added association of Activity items to Donors