v1.4.2 New Default Content for Fundraisers/Fundraiser Call to Action

By: Cody Blodgett, Marketing on May 8, 2018

We have recently changed the content that new fundraisers will inherit upon their creation. Moving forward, when a new fundraiser is created it will automatically pull the default content from the parent project. Account admin will have the option to create this content in the Editor. All new projects will inherit the default content set by our team.

We also installed a new call to action for fundraiser creation. Previously, this call to action lived in the “Feed” section which is found below the body of the project. While users familiar with this placement can still find it there, we added the functionality to create or join a fundraiser directly below the “Donate Now” button which is found higher up on the page. This will allow for easier navigation, especially if your project content runs deep.

Unpublished projects will no longer appear via the drop-down menu in the donor dash. Donors will still need to login/create an account to associate their fundraiser with a parent project.


  • New fundraisers inherit default content (title, tagline, description) from the parent project if default content is set.
  • Added create fundraiser call to action buttons underneath the donate section for projects that have fundraisers enabled.