v1.4.0 Updated UI, Facebook Authentication, Google Analytics

By: Ben Blodgett, CTO on May 22, 2017

Today is a big release for the Hopsie Admin, we sadly said goodbye to our friendly font family Proxima Nova and moved to Source Sans Pro and Source Pro. It was time for an update to the user interface and we’re happy with the new sleek look our designers came up with. We also spent some time re-organizing and refactoring the admin views in anticipation of the Editor V2 project will be a big step forward in making Hopsie self service. In terms of new features, we added support for Facebook login and register so nonprofit organizations can create a Hopsie account with a single click. We see this feature being more important on the donor login side but decided it made sense to add it on the admin as well. There were two big additions to the Editor V1 in this version as well. First we added global support for Google Analytics, you’ll notice a field on the Settings tab in the Editor where you can now enter your UA-ID. This is the first step towards providing insight into how donors are interacting with your donation forms and fundraisers. More to come here soon. The next item was adding full control over the share descriptions for your pages and donation forms. This has been a constant request from our users and today we’ve added the “Share Description” field which will allow you to define the message that is shown when pages and forms are shared in social media.

Change Log

  • Changed Proxima Nova to Source Sans Pro
  • Replaced Font Awesome icons with Material Icons
  • General view cleanup and refactor
  • Added omniauth Facebook Login/Register
  • Added support for exporting fundraiser names
  • Added options for Google Analytics
  • Added options for Share Descriptions