New Feature: Double the Donation

We are excited to announce the integration of Double the Donation into our Hopsie platform! Double the Donation is the industry leading tool for donation matching, already used by thousands of nonprofits around the world.

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New Feature: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay

New year, new features! With the start of 2021, we’re excited to announce a new feature that we’ve released on our Hopsie platform: We’ve integrated our platform with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay, offering donors even more ways to give!

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How to Use Facebook to Boost your Fundraising Campaign

With 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is an incredible resource for nonprofits when it comes to online fundraising. In the age of social media, it’s never been easier to access millions of people with a single click of a button, and in the world of nonprofits who…

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5 Steps to Writing the Perfect Tweet

Today, around 72% of nonprofit organizations use Twitter as part of their social media strategy, and while it’s somewhat simple to get signed up and start tweeting, understanding how to use Twitter in the most effective way requires a little bit of know-how. Here’s a quick, simple guide to crafting the perfect tweet.

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Accept PayPal Donations On Hopsie Donations Forms

Hopsie now supports PayPal via Express Checkout as a donation option. It’s important to give your donors different donation options in order to maximize your conversion rate. Hopsie now supports, Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH Bank Transfers, and PayPal.

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25 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Here are 25 unique ways to get involved fundraising this year! #2017GOALS

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5 Best Practices for Obtaining Monthly Donors

In the nonprofit field, it sometimes feels as though the work is never finished…and maybe it really isn’t. From mission to vision, there’s just too much that can be done, and it can be hard to leave work behind and go home at the end of the day….

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How to Boost Donor Engagement & Retention

How do you, personally, build your relationships with others? Do you invest your time and build slowly, start conversations, throw welcome get-togethers? Or do you customize your approach to each individual? The answer to that may depend on what your personal investment is to the relationship in question….

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Using Giving Levels Effectively

Giving levels are great at displaying impact transparency, giving the donor an idea of what their gift can actually do. The true goal of a giving level is to elicit an emotional response, and incrementally increase average gift size in the process.

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