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Updated: September 4, 2017

Landing Page Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding to the Hopsie Microsite.

How do projects on the microsite work and display?
Projects will show in section 4 of the microsite, and the number of displayed projects can be set from 3-36 from the microsite editor. Only published projects will show up on the microsite. When a project reaches its goal amount, it will automatically be removed from the microsite and replaced by the next available published project in the queue. An unpublished project is still active and can accept donations, it just will not show up on the fundraising microsite.

What size photos should I use?
The higher quality the better! When thinking about photo dimensions, it’s imperative to understand that in responsive design, imagery and containers will resize based on the screen size on the device viewing the page. With that in mind, it’s best to think about images in terms of aspect ratios. Here are the best ratio’s to use for each image container in Hopsie, along with our best pixel size recommendations: 1. Banner Images: 1900px width x 600px height [ratio 19:6] | 2. Background Images: 1900px width x 800px height [ratio 19:8] | 3. Section 2 of Microsite (two images) 950px width x 700px height [ratio 19:14] | 4. Section 3 of Microsite: 1900px width x 350 px height [ratio 38:7] | 5. Project gallery image: 700px width x 450px height [ratio: 14:9] | 6. Email image: 600px width x any height desired.

How do I get my photos to show up properly on Hopsie pages?
Some photos need to be edited to get focal points of images to display correctly. The easiest way to get images to show up properly on your pages is to size them correctly. See this question above to reference aspect ratios to ensure proper image display.

How do buttons work in Hopsie editor?
Buttons in the Hopsie editor can be toggled on or off, and change text, color, and link to meet your needs. To access these editing features, go to the editor and find the button in question by selecting the page it is on from the navigation and scrolling down in the editing column until you find it. Up and to the right of the buttons field there is a small, ‘half moon’ icon; click on this to access the editing options for that particular button, and make sure to hit the big green ‘Save’ button at the bottom right corner of your browser window once complete!

What is the difference between a published (green) and an unpublished (red) project?
A published project will show up on the fundraising microsite in section 4, whereas an unpublished project is only accessible by its unique URL. Both published and unpublished projects can accept donations and function identically to the donor.

How do I link to a donation form or project from my website?
Each donation form and project has its own unique link. To find this link from the editor, go to the form or project you would like to link to from your site, select it, then click the ‘View’ button at the bottom right, next to “save.” This will open the live form or project in its own window; from here, simply link to the URL you see in your browser address bar.

Can I embed video into Hopsie pages? How?
All editable fields in the Hopsie admin are built to accept HTML code, so embedding a video is as simple as copying & pasting the embed code into whatever area you would like the video to display. To embed links for YouTube videos, click “Share” below the video on the youtube page, then “embed,” which will display the embed code.

How can I speed load time?
One of the best ways to speed up load times on Hopsie is to optimize your images for web. In Photoshop, resize any images over 2000 px wide to the image dimensions that we suggested under the question “What size photo should I use?” Once sized properly, rather than saving the file in the original format, select ‘Save For Web’ from the file menu. Save the image as a JPEG High to optimal size to clarity balance. Another way to speed up load times is to only display 3-6 projects at a time, even if you have more. Projects take the longest to load so reducing the available choices will increase load times and will actually have a positive effect on conversion. Too many projects can be detrimental when it coms to a donor trying to choose what to support.

How can I hide sections of the fundraising microsite?
Every section except the primary banner of the microsite can be hidden. From the editor, select ‘Site,’ and then ‘Home.’ In the left-hand editing column, there is a checkbox next to the top of each section on the microsite that is labeled ‘Enable.’ Deselect this box to hide the corresponding section on the page.

How do I customize the share description for people who share my pages?
You can set a custom share descriptions either in a universal sense that will appear across all Hopsie pages when shared, or specific share descriptions for each form or project. The universal share description is customized in the Editor on the details tab in the text area near the bottom of the fields. There is a unique ‘Share Description’ field on each form and project editing column in the editor. Be sure all text added to the share description boxes are less than 140 characters, which is the maximum length of a tweet!

How do I make my logo larger or smaller?
Logo size is adjusted from the editor: Select ‘Site’ in the left-hand navigation, then select ‘Design.’ You will see a thumbnail of your logo in the editing column, and above it to the right, you will see a small ‘half moon’ icon. When you click on this, you will see a drop down that enables you to adjust the size of your logo.

How can I change the content in the footer?
Footer content is adjusted from the editor: Select ‘Site’ in the left-hand navigation, then select ‘Design.’ Scroll down in the editing column until you see the fields that correspond with your footer content. Make any adjustments you would like, then be sure to click save! It’s helpful to scroll down in the right-hand preview while working on the footer so that you can see the changes you are making in real time.

Can I add hyperlinks into Hopsie?
Absolutely! Every text field within the Hopsie editor is set up to accept HTML, meaning that a simple tag will enable you to insert hyperlinks (or video, or custom styles, etc.) anywhere you see text in Hopsie!

What are the links to my microsite, forms, & projects?
You can get the links to any of your Hopsie pages from the editor or admin. From the editor, simply find the page you would like to see the link for and click the ‘View’ button at the bottom right of the preview. From the admin, find the form or project you would like to view, click on it, and select ‘View’ at the top right of the page.

How do I go live with Hopsie once my pages are completed?
To go live with Hopsie, you simply need to link to the pages you want to use from your website, social media posts & tweets, and emails. Once Stripe (or any payment processor) is linked up and active, the integration is ‘LIVE,’ which means you just have to get your pages into the hands of donors by any means necessary!