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Updated: September 6, 2017

Administration Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding to the Hopsie Admin.

How do recurring donations work?
A recurring gift can be set up by the donor on a form, project, or their donor dashboard. It can also be set up by you by using the admin form ( Recurring gift intervals can be set to monthly, quarterly, or annually, and can use either credit card, PayPal or ACH as a payment method. Once set up, triggers will go out as the gifts occur on any emails that are tied to the ‘Created a Subscription’ (1st recurring payment) and ‘Processed a Subscription’ (subsequent payments on the recurring gifts interval). The funds will process and transfer into your account just as any donation would – in 2-7 business days after it processes.

What causes a donation to fail?
Donations can fail due to many different reasons, the most common being a card decline. When a payment is requested, a charge is sent to the donor’s bank, and the bank’s automated system determines whether or not to accept the charge. The bank takes into account many different signals, such as account balance, spending habits, and the card’s information (#, CVC code, expiration date, etc.). The error that causes a failed donation will be communicated to the donor on the form and is also accessible to you on the donation record, which you can access from the admin or by following the link in your admin alert email.

How do I export data?
Your data export is available on the ‘Donations’ tab in your admin ( To export your data, click on the ‘Export All’ link, which is up and to the right of the graph. If you don’t want to export all data, you have the option of setting date parameters.Click ‘Apply,’ then the ‘Export’ link next to ‘Export All’ to grab just the data from that time period. To ensure all fields, including custom fields, are available in your export, go to the settings tab and click on ‘Export Fields’ (, and select all the different data sets you want in your export.

Understanding your export
Please watch this video to get an in-depth explanation of your data export.

What analytics are available in the admin?
The Hopsie admin includes a wide variety of metrics on the form, project, donor, and donation level: 1. Forms & Projects – Gross, Average Gift Size, Successful Gifts, Failed Gifts, Number of Donors, Timestamps, Emails Sent, Donor, Form Title, Payment Method, Interval. | 2. Donors -Number of Donors, Total Donated (by individual), Number of Donations (by individual), Average Gift Size (by individual), Times/Date Stamp. | 3. Donations: Gross, Average, Successful, Failed, Donor, Form Title, Payment Method, Interval, Date/Timestamp, all form fields, I.P. Address, Referrer link, Emails, Event History, Card Fee, Gross Gift Size, Transfer Record, Source Form

How do I edit incorrect information on a donor’s record?
To edit a donor’s stored information, first go to the donor record. You can do this by typing in their name or email into the top ‘search’ bar, or by selecting ‘Donors’ in the left-hand navigation and finding your donor on the list. Once you have found the donor, click on them in the list, then select ‘Edit Donor’ at the upper right-hand of the page. Once you have finished updating the donor’s information, be sure to click save!

Can I include custom fields in my export?
Yes, any custom fields you add can be inluded in an export. To add custom fields to an export, go to your settings and select the export tab. Be sure to check the box next to any custom fields you want to be included in your export and click update. Now, all selected fields will be a part of your export.

How do I delete forms & projects I am no longer using?
To delete forms and projects, you will need to go to that individual form or projects page within the admin. For forms: Click ‘Forms’ in the left-hand navigation and select the form you would like to delete. Once on the ‘Forms’ page, you will see the delete call-to-action at the upper right-hand corner. For Projects: Click ‘Projects’ in the left-hand navigation and select the project you would like to delete. Once on the ‘Projects’ page, you will see the delete call-to-action at the upper right-hand corner.

Can I delete old email templates?
To delete an email template, click on ‘Emails’ in the left-hand navigation of the admin, then select the ‘Email Templates’ tab at the upper middle portion of the page. Select the email template you would like to delete from the list of templates, then you will find the delete call-to-action at the top right of the email templates page.

My crowdfunding project is close to its goal and I think I can raise more. Can I increase the goal amount?
You have complete control over the goal amount. To increase the goal amount, click ‘Projects’ in the left-hand navigation and select the project you would like to adjust in the list below the graph. Once on the project page, click ‘Edit,’ and update the goal amount to the desired number.

I received a check or cash gift. How do I enter it?
Using the admin form. To access the admin form, please select ‘Donations’ in the left hand navigation, then select ‘Add Donation’ at the upper right-hand of the page. Here you can enter in all of the information of the donor, and then click the ‘Process Donation Offline’ check box. Check or cash donations are not subject to any fees, and will send out the emails just as if they have given online via credit card. If you do not want emails to go out, then you can select the ‘Skip Emails’ checkbox before clicking process as well.

How does the admin donation form work?
Please refer to this video .

How many donors will your admin store?
Unlimited! You can have (and we hope you do) millions of donors. We do not charge more or limit you based on your success.

How do I update my login information?
From the Hopsie admin, go to the ‘Settings’ tab at the top right. From here, your login email will be the email entered into the ‘Basic Information’ tab, and you can adjust your password on the tab labeled ‘Password.’

How do I change the email address the Hopsie generated emails come from?
From the Hopsie admin, go to the ‘Settings’ tab at the top right. From here, click on the ‘Mailers’ tab. Here, you can adjust your From Name and From Email to whatever you would like. If you are going to use your own sending domain (anything that isn’t, you will need to contact our support team at to ensure we can sign your SPF & DKIM files on your DNS server.

Can emails come from my own domain?
Yes, as long as we are able to verify and sign you SPF & DKIM records on your DNS server. Email authentication is a way to prove that email isn’t forged or SPAM. Consider it the equivalent of signing a letter you write; a signature authenticator will be able to tell if it’s real or not, and SPF, or Sender Policy Framework, with DKIM, or domain keys identified mail, do the same thing in the technology world. It’s a way of guaranteeing that emails sent from your email address are in fact from you.

Can I transfer funds to any bank account?
Your funds will transfer into any bank account you determine through your Stripe account, or any payment processor that you choose to use. Hopsie is an engagement layer built on top of the payment processing, meaning you control the financial side of things entirely yourself. This makes for a more secure experience and ensures that all data you capture through Hopsie is yours and yours alone.

How do I refund a donation?
Donations can be refunded directly on the donation record. The easiest way to refund a donation is to find the donor by typing their name or email into the search bar at the top of your Hopsie admin. Once on the donor record, select the donation you need to refund from the list of gifts, and click the red ‘Refund Donation’ button you see on the donation card.

How do I find a specific donor in the Admin?
To find a specific donor, you can type their name or email (or any keyword you think will associate with them) into the search bar across the top of the Hopsie admin.