Updated: May 21, 2018

General Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding Hopsie.

What causes a donation to fail?
Donations can fail due to many different reasons, the most common being a card decline. When a payment is requested, a charge is sent to the donor’s bank, and the bank’s automated system determines whether or not to accept the charge. The bank takes into account many different signals, such as account balance, spending habits, and the card’s information (#, CVC code, expiration date, etc.). The error that causes a failed donation will be communicated to the donor on the form and is also accessible to you on the donation record, which you can access from the admin or by following the link in your admin alert email.

Can Hopsie send mass emails?
Hopsie cannot send mass emails to your entire list. A marketing software such as MailChimp or Constant Contact can be used for that type of send. Hopsie can, however, automate emails after donations occur (like tax receipts and social share asks), and send one-time update emails to all donors associated with a single crowd funding project. The update feature is really useful in transparency messages that let donors know where the fundraising effort is during the capital raise, as well as what the impact or outcome of a particular campaign is after the fundraiser is complete.

What are Hopsie’s fees?
Hopsie has three different plans. Additional fees are charged by the credit card processor you link to Hopsie, such as Stripe. Stripe charges 2.2% plus 30 cents on each transaction. If you cannot afford the monthly subscription fees or want to try us without any financial commitment, you can opt into one of our ‘Pay as you raise’ plans. The PAYR replaces the $49/month basic plan with a 3% (plus credit card fee) fee, or the $99/month pro plan with a 5% (plus CC fee).

How can I speed load time?
One of the best ways to speed up load times on Hopsie is to optimize your images for web. In Photoshop, resize any images over 2000 px wide to the image dimensions we mentioned here. Once sized properly, rather than saving the file in the original format, select ‘Save For Web’ from the file menu. Save the image as a JPEG High to optimize size to clarity balance. Another way to speed up load times is to only display 3-6 projects at a time, even if you have more. Projects take the longest to load and reducing the available choices will increase load times, and will actually have a positive effect on conversion. Too many projects can be detrimental when it comes to a donor trying to choose what to support.

How can I make sure my donation form is raising non-restricted funds?
The best way is to use specific words that won’t force you to use the funds in a restricted manner. Using verbiage on the giving levels such as ‘could provide’, or ‘equivalent to’ when describing outcomes of certain amounts means that you decided where to appropriate the funds.

How does Stripe work?
Stripe is a payment processor that works behind the scenes. They take the credit card information that is entered into our forms, encrypt it, and send it to the bank in the form of a charge. If a charge is successful, they let Hopsie know, which then triggers the receipts and sets the transfer in action to your bank account. If a charge fails, Stripe sends back whatever information they received as to the cause of the failure, which is then reported in the Hopsie admin and back to the donor on the form letting you both have visibility into the error. For more detailed information on Stripe, please feel free to head over to

Can I use a different payment processor?
Yes, Hopsie is built in a way that we can integrate with any payment processor that has an API. Currently, Stripe is the only available processor out of the box, but if you need or want to work with a different payment processor, please contact us at for a quote!

How do I customize the share description for people who share my pages?
You can set a custom share descriptions either in a universal sense that will appear across all Hopsie pages when shared, or specific share descriptions for each form or project. The universal share description is customized in the Editor on the details tab in the text area near the bottom of the fields. There is a unique ‘Share Description’ field on each form and project editing column in the editor. Be sure all text added to the share description boxes are less than 140 characters, which is the maximum length of a tweet!

How do I make my logo larger or smaller?
Logo size is adjusted from the editor: Select ‘Site’ in the left hand navigation, then select ‘Design.’ You will see a thumbnail of your logo in the editing column, and above it to the right, you will see a small ‘half moon’ icon. When you click on this, you will see a drop down that enables you to adjust the size of your logo.

How can I change the content in the footer?
Footer content is adjusted from the editor: Select ‘Site’ in the left hand navigation, then select ‘Design.’ Scroll down in the editing column until you see the fields that correspond with your footer content. Make any adjustments you would like, then be sure to click save! It’s helpful to scroll down in the right hand preview while working on the footer so that you can see the changes you are making in real time.

Can I track activity on my Hopsie pages with Google Analytics?
Yes, if you have a Google Analytics account and want to integrate it into your Hopsie pages, please send it over to and we will add it to your Hopsie account.

How many projects/forms/emails can I have?
Unlimited! With Hopsie, you can create as many forms, projects, and emails as you like, with zero change to cost.

How many donors will your admin store?
Unlimited! You can have (and we hope you do!) millions of donors. We do not charge more or limit you based off your success.

Can emails come from my own domain?
Yes, as long as we are able to verify and sign you SPF & DKIM records on your DNS server. Email authentication is a way to prove that email isn’t forged or SPAM. Consider it the equivalent of signing a letter you write; a signature authenticator will be able to tell if it’s real or not, and SPF, or Sender Policy Framework, with DKIM, or domain keys identified mail, do the same thing in the technology world. It’s a way of guaranteeing that emails sent from your email address are in fact from you.

Can I add hyperlinks into Hopsie?
Absolutely! Every text field within the Hopsie editor is set up to accept HTML, meaning that a simple HTML tag will enable you to insert hyperlinks (or video, or custom styles, etc.) into anywhere you see text in Hopsie.

Can I transfer funds to any bank account?
Your funds will transfer into any bank account you determine through your Stripe account, or any payment processor that you choose to use. Hopsie is an engagement layer built on top of the payment processing, meaning you control the financial side of things entirely yourself. This makes for a more secure experience and ensures that all data you capture through Hopsie is yours and yours alone.

Can I set up multiple bank accounts?
At this time, each Hopsie account can only be linked to one bank account out of the box. If you would like to have different forms routing to different bank accounts, you can either subscribe to multiple Hopsie accounts or talk to us about a custom solution.

How do I set up a Stripe account?
To set up Stripe, go to and input your email and a password of your choice. Once you log in, you will see a yellow “Live / Test” toggle button at the top left corner of the dashboard. Click on that, and a pop up prompt will ask you to ‘activate your account.’ Once you activate (this is where you will be asked your bank info, EIN, etc.), we’ll be able to authorize Hopsie to use your Stripe account to process payments and we’ll be good to go!

How do I sign up for a Hopsie account?
To sign up for Hopsie, simply email and someone will be in touch to personally walk you through the process. We like to build each integration out for you before going live, at no cost, so that you are editing your site rather than building from scratch. This helps to drastically reduce the time it takes to go live (we have had customers go live in less than an hour), and it gives us the chance to tailor a launch strategy for you that will ensure the highest chances of success!

What countries can I receive donations from?
This is dependent on what payment processor you are using. With Stripe, there are currently over 140 countries/currencies supported. You can view the list here:

Does Hopsie have matching donations?
We do! Through a partnership with DonateDouble, you can match donations with any employer that offers donation matches.

Can I use PayPal as payment option for donors?
Yes! Hopsie offers 3 payment options: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX), ACH, and PayPal. At the bottom of a donation form, your donor can choose what method will work best for them.

Does Hopsie support ACH payments?
Yes. Hopsie offers 3 payment options: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX), ACH, and PayPal. At the bottom of a donation form, your donor can choose what method will work best for them!

Is Hopsie integrated with any other software?
We are currently integrated with Salesforce, Hubspot, DonorPerfect, Microsoft Dynamics, eTapestry, & Mailchimp. We can also do custom integrations with any software that has a documented API.

How do I go live with Hopsie once my pages are completed?
To go live with Hopsie, you simply need to link to the pages you want to use from your website, social media posts & tweets, and emails. Once Stripe (or any payment processor) is linked up and active, the integration is ‘LIVE,’ which means you just have to get your pages into the hands of donors by any means necessary!

I’m a donor, and my recurring gift failed. Can I update my payment info so it goes through?
No, you will need to create a new recurring gift with the updated info from the nonprofit’s donation form or from your donor login.

How do I cancel my account?
From the Hopsie admin, select settings at the top right, then select the subscription tab, and finally the green ‘Edit Subscription’ button. On the following page, you can select ‘Cancel Subscription’. Alternatively, feel free to contact support directly!

How do I create a donor login?
You can register for a donor login by clicking “login” at the top right of the header on any Hopsie page or by visiting

How can I change my payment type on an active recurring gift?
You can do this from within the donor login ( by clicking “Edit Profile” in the dashboard which is at the top left, under the avatar/image. From the profile, there is a button at the upper right of the page that says “Manage Payment Methods.” From the Manage Payment Methods area, users can update cards or add new cards/ACH bank accounts.

I’ve updated the card info for my account, how do I apply it to my donation?
Once a payment method is added/updated, you can click on “Donations” in the left-hand navigation of your dashboard. Then select the donation in question, and from here you will be able to edit the gift and change the payment method to the new card you just added.