v1.2.4 – New Email Token & Bug Fixes

By: Ben Blodgett, CTO on February 8, 2017

Today we shipped two bug fixes related to the Email Token system, specifically in the functions that use gsub to substitute tokens for actual values. After reports of certain tokens being replaced with blank spaces, we were able to replicate when using tokens that provided non-string values. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen we added a function that converted all token values into strings prior to executing gsub on the email content.

Along with v1.2.4 we introduced a new token |recurring_donation_count| which can be added into a donation related email template and will return the number of donations (in string format) in a recurring subscription. This is useful for a variety of use cases, but particularly valuable in understanding whether or not a recurring donation is the first in a series or not.


  • |recurring_donation_count| token to reference the number of donations in a subscription sequence
  • removed template updated event creation
  • converted all token values to string prior to running gsub to avoid errors