v1.2.0 Reworking Email Tokens

By: Ben Blodgett, CTO on January 1, 2017

API v1.2.0 provides stability to the Email Token system.

Last night we released an update to the API that focused on providing more stability to the email token system. We were seeing increasing error ratios in token to value replacement and have reworked that system to ensure stability.

Previously, we determined which tokens to look for based on the type of email template and then iterated over any custom field tokens that were associated with the donation form. This caused some issues in situations where an email template was created and then used a token which was not previously associated or a custom field token that was named the same.

The system now employs regex to match any value within the pipe signs |pipe|, find the associated donation form, donor, donation, subscription, or custom field and replace it appropriately.