v1.1.0 – Added Donor Perfect API Integration & Plugin Infrastructure

We are happy to announce quite a few changes to our API Features Donor Perfect Settings Currency Select Google Fonts Text WYSIWYG Changelog Editor: Added Body and Header font family selector on the Site -> Design tab Editor: Added facebook and twitter share messages to Projects & Forms…

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v1.4.1 – Donation Support Added

Support was added to donations across the whole platform which will fix an issue with recurring donations not updating the fundraiser metrics. Fundraisers will now take recurring gifts into account when displaying the amount raised. A bug was brought to our attention in which recurring gifts were not…

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v1.4.0 – Salesforce Integration & Updated Stripe API

Happy to announce that we have unveiled the highly requested Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) tool! Over the past year, our number one request by our customers was to offer a Salesforce integration with Hopsie. Well, today is that day, and we are pleased to let our customers…

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v1.3.0 – Plugin Integration, Spam Prevention & Bug Fixes

We had a busy week with lots of updates! First, we’ve added a HubSpot plugin integration. HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool which will help users to attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. In addition, we’ve discovered that spammers are using our forms to test…

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v1.2.3 – Fundraiser Bug Fix

Recently, we noticed that there was an issue with individual fundraisers that belong to a team. The individual fundraisers were not updating the amount raised on the team fundraiser properly. Today, we patched this over and individual fundraisers will now update the team fundraiser metrics correctly.

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v 1.2.2 – Bug Fixes, Donor Perfect tokens

An issue with emails stemming from the “Dedicated Donation Message Sent” trigger not updating tokens properly has been fixed. In addition to the bug fix, we have also added a unique identifier (UID) to the attr_accessible token for donors, as well as UID to donor JavaScript Object Notation…

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v1.2.1 – Donor Perfect Search Bug Fix

In order to improve the search functionality for our Donor Perfect plugin, we’ve altered it to search only by email address to create a better match.

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v1.2.0 – New Token Engine

Our new token engine was shipped live this week! We’ve changed the email templates to replace any field name (including meta) that is in between |pipe|. This will improve UI by allowing users to insert specific fields related to a donation into their email templates.

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v1.1.7 – Donor Perfect Plugin Meta Fields

This week, we continued to improve our Donor Perfect plugin. We have shipped some new meta fields for the save_gift token, as well as tweaking some existing fields to improve functionality. In addition to this, we have also updated our solicit_code with conditionals where they previously didn’t exist….

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