New Feature: Double the Donation

We are excited to announce the integration of Double the Donation into our Hopsie platform! Double the Donation is the industry leading tool for donation matching, already used by thousands of nonprofits around the world.

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Here’s How to Use Instagram to Boost your Fundraising

We’ve already talked on the Hopsie blog about using Facebook and Twitter as fundraising tools, so this week we’re taking a deep-dive into using Instagram as a powerful campaigning resource. With 800 million users on Instagram, the photo-sharing platform has huge potential when it comes to promoting your…

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6 Ways to Use Twitter to Elevate Your Fundraising Game

We’ve been talking in the blog lately about ways in which nonprofits can use social media tools to leverage their fundraising game. In our last post, we talked about using Facebook to garner engagement and momentum during a campaign, and this week we’re looking at how to use Twitter to do the same.

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How to Use Facebook to Boost your Fundraising Campaign

With 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is an incredible resource for nonprofits when it comes to online fundraising. In the age of social media, it’s never been easier to access millions of people with a single click of a button, and in the world of nonprofits who…

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How to use Instagram to build an online community

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform behind Facebook, with 800 million users. That being said, only 39% of nonprofits actually use Instagram. Here’s how to take advantage of the valuable platform.

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