Our Origin and Mission

Like many startups, Hopsie’s first weeks were spent in a coworking space. Ours was called Projective Space, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As our idea grew, we took the slightly backwards path of moving between various co-working spaces, and eventually landed back in Ben’s apartment – most startups begin in the apartment. We had launched our own non-profit, nKoso, a few months before, so we were running lean to say the least.

To learn as much as possible about how nonprofits approach fundraising, we volunteered on-site at our customers fundraising events, built websites pro-bono, and held multiple fundraising events of our own. We built incredibly close relationships with every nonprofit we could, going above and beyond to both give and gain trust, and acquire the candid feedback we needed to craft our product. Trust and listening are still our modus operandi, and the biggest driver of feature development.

We never raised investment capital, which has allowed us to focus on building a product that is thoughtful and effective at an accessible price. Our primary goal is not hyper-growth and profits, and we don’t answer to anyone whose agenda is solely focused on making money. We care about making the world a better place, and ensuring every nonprofit has the same chance to take advantage of the web regardless of their annual budget.

Working at Hopsie

We have two segments of business that we focus on; first and foremost is our fundraising platform. This is our passion and we see every member of our team growing into a product development position. The second is a more traditional digital agency approach, where we build custom websites and applications for nonprofits.

Every member of our team first starts on the agency side where they will learn all the ins and outs of taking a concept to production for our customers. Experiencing every step of the process supports their understanding of what it takes to create memorable products and experiences. After about a year, responsibilities transition from agency work to product support. Here they will begin to learn all aspects of the product and begin to interact with customers through support channels. Through small tasks and bug fixes they will begin to understand the product infrastructure and eventually build product features.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in we’d love to hear from you!

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Our Team

Lean and small is our philosophy and we like it that way.

  • Alex Morse, CEOAlex Morse
    CEO & Founder
  • Ben Blodgett, CTOBen Blodgett
    CTO & Founder
  • Eric Fernandez, Tech LeadEric Fernandez
    Tech Lead & Founder
  • Cody Blodgett, CMOCody Blodgett
  • Orion Alden, Creative DirectorOrion Alden
    Creative Director
  • Milos Misic, DeveloperMilos Misic
  • Louisa Smith, Project ManagerLouisa Smith
    Project Manager
  • Sean Duggan, DesignerSean Duggan

Portland, Maine

Portland Maine is cool. Surfing, fly fishing, Striper hunting and world class food & drink abound in the East Coast’s up and coming startup hub. We have an international Jetport 10 minutes from downtown, boasting flights to NYC in less than an hour. History, diversity, and an endless list of things to do make this a choice place to call home.

Our office, right in the center of town on Monument Square, has all the latest in startup features: drink-stocked fridge, ping pong table, classic video games and even a deadly mini-beast of an office pup named Winston, who keeps the mailman – and new hires – honest. We are walking distance to many amazing coffee shops and happy hours, which we frequent regularly – in a good way!


nKoso is the foundation of Hopsie, and an important focus for us. The first version of Hopsie formed out of necessity when we launched nKoso and couldn’t find good fundraising technology that supported our tiny, volunteer-run organization at an affordable price. Every Hopsie employee volunteers for nKoso, giving us all hands-on experience to better relate to our customers.

Currently, nKoso supports over 130 students and orphans in Dormaa Ahenkro, Ghana, and soon will be opening a school of its own, equipped with the town’s first modern computer classroom. We will use this to teach students and community members how to use technology and, eventually, how to code.

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